Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pindot?

PlNDOT is a service-optimisation platform for hotels and restaurants that helps establishments:
Create new sales opportunities for the establishment
Optimise resources
Analyse performance
Offer multilingual services (room cleaning, restaurant, concierge service, etc.).
With PINDOT, the establishment can:
Maximise sales
Optimise costs
Analyse performance
Optimise human resources
Benefit from a commission-free delivery and click & collect module
Collect customer reviews
Strengthen its e-reputation
Collect payments securely

With PINDOT, the customer can in 1 click:
Access the establishment’s services and find out about special offers
Browse the menus and all the hotel’s services
Place an order (table, room, click & collect or delivery)
Request the bill and pay their order securely online
Call a waiter or room service
Give feedback on service quality
Fill in their contact details as part of COVID-19 contact-tracing protocols

How does it work?

Simply activate your account online. Pindot is up and running in less than 10 minutes.
Pindot works for both hotels and restaurants.
In a restaurant, bar or café, Pindot allows you to better showcase your products and have
direct access to your customers via their smartphones or directly at the table.
Your best products are highlighted, multilingual translations make your menu accessible to
all and drive Pindot’s adoption.
In just one click, customers can browse your offering and place their order.
Once seated, the customer scans the QR code, which is automatically generated on
Pindot’s website, on their table and has access to the food and drink menu. A menu
assistant can suggest options based on their desires (romantic dinner or lunch, healthy,
vegetarian, etc.). They make their choice and, if necessary, call the waiter or add
comments regarding their preferences (cooking, addition and deletion of a specific food…).
Once the order has been placed, the customer can call a waiter at any time, cancel their
request, ask for the bill and pay directly online.
In a hotel, guests can use Pindot to access the in-room menu, call reception, ask for
cleaning service or cancel their request.

How is my menu digitised with Pindot?

Pindot allows you to digitise your menu and update it in real time thanks to the app’s user-
friendly interface.
Daily specials can be highlighted to increase visibility and sales.
Use Pindot’s algorithm to automatically translate your menu in 27 languages and reach all
More daily specials? You can instantly hide an item on the menu. Too much fish in stock?
Highlight a specific dish or offer a discount to promote it. Pindot allows you to adjust your
offers and optimise your stocks in real time.

How does the payment process work?

Once the order has been placed, the customer can ask for the bill and choose their preferred payment method: cash, card with a payment terminal or directly through Pindot. If the customer chooses to pay via Pindot, the transaction is connected to your payment system and therefore secure. Pindot takes no commission. Save time (and therefore money!).

What makes Pindot stand out?

Pindot is the only tool dedicated to hospitality professionals. It is aimed at hotel and restaurant establishments, which face the same challenges on a daily basis: Ensuring fast and flawless customer service. Pindot provides unique services and allows customers to order in 3 different ways:
– On site: in the restaurant or with room service in the case of a hotel.
– Remotely with their orders delivered at home.
– Click-and-collect to pick up their order on site as soon as it is ready.
With its “Experience generator”, Pindot helps you make suggestions based on the
customer’s profile (business dinner, with friends, vegetarian, healthy). This is the magic of Pindot!
Finally, Pindot helps you collect and analyse customer feedback to improve service quality on a daily basis.
Pindot provides a comprehensive solution to all the challenges faced by hospitality
professionals: cost and service-hour optimisation, improvement of service quality.ts, optimisation des temps de service, amélioration de la qualité de service.

Who is behind Pindot?

Pindot was born in Switzerland, founded by customers who grew frustrated with having to wait for the menu in restaurants or for room service, then wait again before placing an order, asking for the bill and once more before paying… They realised that this waste of time was damaging for both customers and hospitality professionals. Everybody was losing out. So they embarked on a crazy adventure: Developing the ideal tool, the one they
would have dreamed of as a customer, and one that professionals couldn’t do without.
Pindot was born!

What are Pindot’s benefits?

Pindot takes care of everything! Restaurant menu, orders management, payment,
feedback collection… Customers are taken into account at every step of the process. In a hotel, Pindot centralises all services and makes them accessible in a single click. Manage staff and menus by zone and by schedule, which provides great agility in terms of human resources and logistics.

What are the benefits of the digital menu?

There are many! Once adopted, you simply won’t be able to go back! The digital menu is convenient in many regards:
– Optimise your stocks: no more unsold items. With the digital menu, you can highlight the dishes you wish to promote and adjust your offer in real time.
– Avoid food waste: Menus are constantly evolving, taking into account your stocks,
seasonal ingredients and customers’ expectations.
– Accessible to all: You can translate your menu in all languages for greater accessibility.
Increase the average bill: Add attractive photos of the dishes, so customers are easily tempted to try something extra (dessert, side dishes, etc.).
– Optimise customer satisfaction: Thanks to photos and descriptions of your dishes, the
customer knows exactly what they are ordering, preventing mistakes or disappointments.
– Ecological: no more paper print for every season, spelling mistake or typo.
– Enhance health safety: To prevent unnecessary contacts, the menu is accessible directly from the customer’s smartphone.
Pindot’s little extra? With its “Experience Generator” feature, Pindot allows you to filter and suggest dishes according to your customers’ desires or dietary constraints: business dinner, romantic date, vegetarian diet, meal with friends, meal to share… This is the magic of Pindot!

What do I need to use Pindot?

Pindot works with your establishment’s WiFi: A simple connection and the magic of Pindot can operate. Your customers don’t need WiFi, they can scan the QR code with their phone and use their own Internet connection.

Where is Pindot based?

Pindot is based in two locations: In Dubai (UAE) and Switzerland, where Pindot is designed and engineered. It benefits from a long history of Swiss expertise and excellence.