The customer is at the heart of any restaurant and hotel manager’s concerns. Indeed, the goal is for every guest who enters their establishment to enjoy the best possible experience: taste, experience and service. The health crisis has blurred the lines by drastically reducing managers’ room for manoeuvre. How to provide customers with a unique experience when sanitary constraints restrict all forms of creativity and impose unavoidable limits?

First of all, the customer experience starts with an Internet search. Digital communication is the key to your customer’s first impression of your establishment. Manage your presence on social media, and reaffirm your values and the measures put in place in your establishment to adapt to the health crisis. Customers need to know what has been implemented before reopening, namely a strict and well-defined health protocol.

Offering a disruptive and original experience is a great way to stand out. That’s why Pindot, with its well thought-out digital approach, combines speed of service, maximum availability and impactful experience. The relationship with waiters has been disrupted: Now they can be called with a single click, saving the customer the hassle to keep an eye on their comings and goings to place an order. With Pindot, contacts with customers are online, and addressed instantly. Speed of service being a key factor in customer satisfaction, Pindot focuses on providing a fast and efficient response to any request.

Regular communication on your channels will help you attract more customers. Whether on Instagram, Facebook or your own website, bring your establishment to life by communicating about everything that’s going on around it (menu changes, events, etc.). 

To create a unique experience, you can also organise unique events for a limited clientele. With health recommendations limiting the number of customers present in your establishment, use restrictions to create exclusive events with limited guests. This way, limitations can increase the attractiveness of your events tenfold. And to make these experiences even more attractive, share them on social media so potential customers plan to attend your next event. This will provide a good example of the kind of private events your establishment can offer.

Organising contests on social media is a good way to test the reactivity of your customer base, be visible to a larger audience and increase the number of subscribers bymakingsubscribing a prerequisite to take part in the contest. The more prestigious the prize, the more likely your competition will be successful. The competition can also help prepare your clients for your post-COVID re-opening. Why not plan a competition per day during the week before reopening to drive early bookings?

An accessible and interactive menu (with images and even videos) is key for any successful customer experience. Pindot provides such quality of service to customers, allowing them to see what is on offer at a glance. A picture is worth a thousand words from the waiter. Not only does this help customers avoid disappointment, it also allows them to start their culinary journey with their eyes.

Another important consideration to bring back joy to your customer base in times of pandemic is to build customer fidelity through a loyalty programme (actual or digital card) to increase their frequency of visit and average bill. Indeed, a regular customer is one who will be more tempted to try out new items on the menu or add an extra to mix things up. Offering a points or rewards system will help you create a special bond with your regular customers and convince them to come back. 

Another key success factor for the customer experience is a referral system. Indeed, a satisfied customer will be happy to sponsor a friend to offer them the same positive experience. We recommend you to find a nice and unique way to thank these customers and make them your best ambassadors.