At a time when consumers are used to finding all the information and answers they seek at the click of a button on the Internet, it is becoming clear that all industries need to adapt to this new way of consuming. Speed, immediacy and clarity are the keywords of an increasingly digitised society. Restaurants and hotels have no choice but to embrace this revolution. This means rethinking all the key services in their sector: bookings, ordering, delivery options, payment, customer relations and loyalty management, but also services that were hitherto handled traditionally, such as stock management, marketing strategies, management of the establishment’s visibility and communication as well as special offers, which are an important growth vector.

First of all, the hotel manager knows how crucial booking management is to ensure a good customer experience and optimal service. Customers are used to searching the Internet for information and making bookings via platforms, so they want to be able to book their table with a single click andreceive confirmation with a reminder of the address and time. Such features, far from mere gimmicks, will help significantly reduce “no-shows”,which can amount to 50% of lost business. A digital booking system linked to the restaurant’s operating system is therefore a key tool for any establishment.

Placing an order can be a long and fastidious process. But this is a crucial step because that’s when the customer is most likely to be tempted by additional (up-selling or cross-selling) offers that will increase the overall bill amount. Hence the double benefit of a digital ordering system. Indeed, a customer ordering via a Pindot QR code has access to an interactive menu with dishes accompanied by pictures or even videos, so that there is no room for error. Dishes of the day or special offers can also be highlighted in the digital menu. With the Pindot assistant, the customer can receive drink suggestions to best accompany their dish as well as suggestions for dishes to suit their mood or specific diet. The customer can make informed decisions based on comprehensive menu information, and place their order in just one click through Pindot without having to wait for the waiter to come and drop off the menu, take the order, with all the wasted time that usually entails.

Delivery is just as important to the customer as the order itself: What are the delivery options? Can the order be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible? The restaurant manager must rise to these challenges in an organised and digital way. Indeed, the proliferation of online booking platforms means customers are now used to having everything at their disposal, right away. It is key for an establishment to offer home delivery or click-and-collect. The benefit of picking up an order at the restaurant is that the ordering process is dematerialised: The customer orders via a Pindot QR code or a link on the restaurant’s website. The advantages of this solution are numerous: The manager can easily track their orders, diversify their offer, manage the influx of orders, collect customer data and thus optimise turnover.

Online payment is the feature that can save the most time and money for a restaurant manager. In fact, the waiting time between the request for the bill, the waiter bringing over the payment terminal and the actual payment represents a dead loss for the establishment, both in time, table rotation and turnover. This precious waiting time can change everything for both the establishment and the customer. With Pindot, the bill can be paid at once, shared between several guests and even include a tip for the waiter, all in one click, whenever the customer is ready. Paperless payment, using a Pindot QR code,ensures a smooth and secure customer experience. Furthermore, it helps increase occupancy rate by maximising table rotation.

Digitisation contributes to an optimised and secure customer experience, guaranteeing unrivalled speed of service and availability. Customer satisfaction is improved, leading to positive feedback, which in turn generates new customers. With Pindot, the virtuous circle of digitisation is set in motion!